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Your success is our only focus. To help you create a thriving business culture aligned with your vision, we design and deliver custom leadership development solutions such as virtual and in person workshops, immersive learning journeys, on the job missions, 360 and psychometric assessments and leadership coaching.

You and your leaders will gain the tools, competencies, and skills to lead with confidence, work with passion and generate meaningful growth and enduring success in your business.


To uncover the core skills, abilities and competencies for next level performance, we get to know you, your business and your most pressing issues.


We work with you to develop customized interactive and experiential learning solutions directly aligned with your strategy and distinct needs.


We partner with you to deliver innovative and engaging learning solutions created specifically to generate superior business performance and support lasting, measurable behavioural change.

How Can We Help?


Everything in your business starts with you. Elevate your leadership capacity, lead with greater purpose and inspire your people to do their best work.

Your People

Your people are the backbone of your business and with the right skills, behaviours and mindsets can help you to outperform your expectations.

Your Teams

In challenging times or critical moments, you rely on your teams and they can help you change your culture, move mountains and boost business performance.

Nina Penner

Nina Penner

Hello, I’m Nina

In my two decades of working with clients, I have gained a reputation for developing solutions which lead to powerful shifts in their businesses in areas like leadership development, career development, performance management and executive support. My experience has shown me that ambitious organizations across diverse sectors are eager to thrive and I’ve travelled the world supporting their leaders to change the way they lead.


As a coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker, I leverage my deep knowledge of key leadership success indicators to help my clients understand their leadership profiles and develop the competencies and skills to successfully lead their teams into the future. I support my clients as they build cultures where cohesive, motivated and empowered teams create lasting change. Leaders report a deeper love of their work, consistently performing at their best and energetically attaining accelerated results for their organizations.

Organizations We’ve Served

ADGA Group
Church & Dwight
City of Cranbrook
Federation of Canadian Municipalities


Kuehne + Nagel
Petro Canada
PWL Partnership
Raymond James
Think RF

Success Stories

In every client assignment, Nina consistently demonstrates a high degree of competence and professionalism.

Her areas of expertise include instructional design, facilitation of workshops, psychometric assessments and coaching.

Nina has worked successfully with CORE Consulting clients in a broad range of industries, helping them achieve their performance goals and develop new leadership competencies.

I highly recommend Nina to organizations who are seeking support in building their leadership capability.

Joan P. Hill, President
CORE Consulting Inc.
Mississauga, Canada

When I met Nina, her capacity to quicky identify the key strengths and areas for development in my business was remarkable. Because of her incessant curiosity, growth mindset and creativity, Nina was able to guide my team to develop strategies, systems and processes which led to stronger results and a more cohesive, engaged and efficient team.

Nina works with passion and a focus on outcomes, inspiring others to make their absolute best contribution.

I would highly recommend working with Nina if you want to become a powerful and magnetic leader, energize your teams and grow your business.

Bobby Umar, CEO
Discover Your Personal Brand
Toronto, Canada

Working with Nina has led to tremendous growth. She’s helped me to discover untapped leadership talents and use them to invigorate myself and my team. Nina’s support has assisted me to build a solid framework for our company goals. My team now works more cohesively, engagement is considerably enhanced and they remain positive and productive when tackling challenges such as tight client deadlines.

I highly recommend working with Nina for anyone looking to grow their leadership strength, courage and capacity and to empower their teams to take their business to the next level.

Arifiana Wulandari, CEO & Owner
Jahitan Bunda
Tangerang, Indonesia

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